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About Antonio

I played my last match as a Mandarin Mustang. It is time to move forward towards my goal of being a professional footballer. TBD...

Aspiring Footballer 

This sport is not just a sport to him, it is life. It is in the air around him no matter where he is. It's in his blood like it has been a part of his heritage for generations before him.  At 8 years old he got on a practice field for the first time running around and having fun. At 10 we began training in our apartment complex's grassy courtyard. His mother and I were sprinters and athletic so one thing we knew for sure was that he would be able to run. So that is where this journey began, by running. We told him to become one of the best he has to be able to run when everyone else is tiring.  He ran sprints, distance, cones and then I threw the ball in and said keep going but keep this with you at all times. A longer story for another time, he developed his own style. Fast forward eight years and here we are. We wanted to be in this position last year know, COVID.  So here we are now. I truly believe with all of my heart that whichever club/organization takes the chance and brings Antonio in for an extensive trial they won't allow him to leave without signing him to be a part of their family. This entire experience is such a blessing and the Mancinotti family is so excited for what is to come in Antonio's tomorrows. 

Special thanks to Coach Cooley for the coaching and support during the season and off-season. The extra training, time, and effort put in outside of practices. As well as the trust in the potential he saw in Antonio as a footballer and a young man. We appreciate you Coach. 

Special thanks to Trainor and Mentor Tony Taylor for his dedication, high octane professional style training, nutritional advice, and assistance with the mental part of this game on and off the field.

MLS Next @ Jacksonville FC 2022
Mandarin High School Varsity 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023

Florida Elite Soccer Academy U-19, U-17
Jacksonville Armada U-19, U-16

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